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Q-talk 89 - COOL TOOLS - Paint Masker

About 4 years ago, while at Walmart, I was in the paint department and found a handy little tool for painting. It's called the Paint Masker by Jack Smith. It is a hand -held device that uses masking tape and a sheet of folded plastic that unrolls to a length of 21" X 100'. It is great for masking areas that need to be protected from over spray or for other reasons. I purchased four of them and have recently had the opportunity to put them to use while painting the Q. They are not affected by reducers, enamels, primers or urethanes, although I feel that lacquers would probably dissolve the plastic sheeting. I have a commercial tape machine that uses the rolled paper, but this little thing can be held in one hand and rolled out into place. It has its own cutting edge. I am sure other stores sell them, but I paid about a buck a piece for two of them in the clearance aisle and about $5.95 for the other two. They are worth every penny.

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