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Q-talk 145 - Shots of Xpresso!

photos courtesy Reg Clarke

Reg Clarke's Subaru Powered Q Before

This is Reg Clark's Q2 Subaru N624JC before the major modifications shown below

Reg Clarke's Enlarged Rudder

In this view you can see the enlarged rudder. The red line shows where the edge of the stock rudder used to be. Reg noted that he has flown it once with this enlarged rudder.

Reg Clarke's Tail Wheel Mods

Here's a good view of his "Racing Style" tail wheel. . .

Reg Clarke's Tail Wheel Fairing

. . . and the associated tail wheel fairing.

Reg Clarke's MKII Style Landing Gear

He also added MKII style main gear, and it is once again ready for paint.

We look forward to seeing the completed project and hearing about how she handles on the ground and in the air!

 Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress! Smile