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Q-talk 145 - Expiration Threat Levels!

by Dan Yager

This is just a “Quick Heads-Up” that I wrote a little program that will automatically send you an e-mail when your QBA membership is about to expire. I have color coded the header of the e-mails so you can see how close you are to expiration:

BLUE – Two Weeks Left

YELLOW – One Week Left

ORANGE – 3 Days Left

RED – Your Membership Expires Today

This allows me to extend your membership for free, anytime you submit an article, pictures, or video for the newsletter. Therefore, your membership might not always expire in January like it used to.

The intent of these e-mails is not to annoy you, but rather to help you continue to receive the newsletter every other month. You can stop future expiration warning e-mails from arriving in your e-mail by clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the e-mail, or by renewing your subscription via one of the convenient online options: Wink



Expiration Warning Blue
Expiration Warning Yellow
Expiration Warning Orange
Expiration Warning Red