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Q-talk 139 - New Tools for the Technically Challenged

Hello Folks!

I am excited to say that Dan asked me to be the "Guinea Pig" for navigating the Quickheads.com site.  Specifically for writing, saving and sending articles for us "Quickie Types".  I must say he picked the right guy as I know nothin' 'bout computers.  But as you can see I am into it this far so here we go.

1. Paste the heading URL  www.Quickheads.com  in the "thingy" at the top and the Quickheads web should pop up on your computer.  If it doesn't don't blame me I am just the messenger.

2.Log In;  Username_________ Password___________       

Or if your not registered just follow the prompts given to receive a Username and Password.  Then navigate to your hearts desire.  You can't break the web site!

3. Look down the left side under User Menu and click on "Submit Article".  The rest is already set up for you to pour out your hearts in an article that may make a big difference to a newby trying to figure out what the plans really mean. Or perhaps (I shudder to say it) there is a mod that has fixed or improved the species of Quickierexinhabitum.

4. For now if you want to send pictures just submit your article and then go back to the Home Page for Quickheads.com and click at the top on "Contact Me".  You can then send an attached picture to Dan via e-mail and he will attach it to your article.

At a later date Dan will work out some of the web site "quirks" and make it easier to just post pictures to the web site.

Keep it simple.  That's the way it is designed.  Or call Dan. He is very helpful and it is up to us to keep the Quickie group together.

Howd eye dew Dan?!

-Bruce Crain  "Clinically Technically Challenged"

[Editor's Note] Bruce you did great!  Thanks so much.  I hope your courage inspires other technically challenged but Quickie proficient members to share their ideas!  You've done us all a great service!  Wink