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Q-talk 112 - 15th Annual Tandem Wing Field of Dreams Fly-In

The 15th Annual Tandem Wing Field of Dreams Fly-In is right around the corner. Everything is coming together here in Missouri and I am very much looking forward to seeing you at Sullivan from 23-25 September 2005. The event will once again be held at Sullivan Regional Airport (UUV). Sullivan was the perfect place for the fly-in the last two years and I am hopeful that it will even be better (if that is possible) this year.

We are pretty much going to keep the same format for the fly-in again this year. I feel that we learn the most about these great little airplanes by talking with the builders and going over the planes with a fine tooth comb. The forums are useful, but sometimes they are almost a distraction. My theme again this year is going to be "less is more".

The last two years on Friday at the fly-in we had a hands-on composite construction class. The demand for this class a few months before the fly-in last year was almost non-existent, but a few weeks prior to the fly-in the demand actually exceeded our maximum class capacity of 20. If there is enough demand for a similar composite construction class, I will gladly set it all up again. I just need to hear from you very soon if you are interested. There will be a $20.00 fee per composite class participant to pay for the materials used in the training.

We will once again have the truck stop dinner on Friday evening. They have a pretty good sea food buffet or you can order from the menu. I just need to know if you plan on attending the dinner so I can let the restaurant manager know how many people to expect. No prepayment is required, just pay the resturant directly at the dinner.

I need a few volunteers to help me out at the fly-in. The three of us who took care of the performance run timing last year should all have flying planes participating in the run this year. So, I will need two people to handle the timing of the run. I also need a few guys who would be willing to serve as airplane judges. In a perfect world I would like to have 3 Q guys judge the Dragonfly's and 3 Dragonfly guys judge the Q's. Please contact me if you would like to help out.

Food and drinks will be available at the airport on Saturday. A local organization will run the concession stand as a fund raiser. In 2003 the proceeds were used to buy equipment for rescue dogs. The menu usually includes hot dogs,hamburgers, brats, chips, and drinks.

Now a few words about the cost of the event......you all know how inflation works right?

In 2003 the event registration fee was $7.50 and the dinner on Saturday evening was $12.50. In 2004 the event registration fee was $5.00 and the dinner on Saturday evening was $12.00. With the continued generosity of the Airport Manager at Sullivan and a little penny pinching on my part, the costs to attend this year's event will be reduced again. Event registration fees will be $3.00 per person and the awards dinner on Saturday will be $12.00 per person. Maybe I need to take Economics 101 again?

If you fly your Dragonfly or Q bird to the fly-in, you will be treated like a King!!! No registration fees and no hangar/tie-down fees. All you have to do is pay for your meal at the awards banquette!!! Thanks for flying your tandem wing aircraft to the event!!!! The last two years we were able to park all the tandem wing planes inside a hangar for overnight storage (20 TW planes in 2004). I can not promise we will be able to get all the TW planes in a hangar this year, but I bet that we can.

The registration form and instructions are on page 10. If you are going, let's get those forms to Jeff ASAP.

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