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Q-talk 100 - Registration Feedback

Since I am possibly the fourth (?) owner of my Tri Q200, I was concerned about getting it through the registration process. I picked up all the info I could from those that had gone before me, looked at the forms, swore some, and then decided, "What the heck". I used the articles that Dave published in Q-Talk newsletters #97 and 98 as a guide to help fill out the 8050-2 Bill of Sale, the 8050-1 Registration form, along with 8050-88 Affidavit of Ownership. I followed all of Dave's directions to the letter! From there I sent in three more pieces of paper.

1. A letter explaining that I could not produce a Bill of Sale from the kit manufacturer, as they have been out of business since 1985. (A tip and text I got from Dave Davis, fellow QBA member)

2. A bill of sale, the text of which I wrote, listing the seller, dollar sum, date (of sale), Kit Serial #, and stating that the owner had the right to sell said kit.

3. An affidavit from the seller stating where he had acquired the kit and again that he had legal right to sell same. I had this page signed in front of a notary and sealed.

I sent the "booklet" to OK City on the 7th of August. On the 19th I got curious. I made a call to the FSDO office and asked if they knew of a site that would give me any info about my registration. They sent me an E mail with the following address http: //registry, faa. gov/ arquery. asp . After playing around with it for a while, I found a page that had confirmed that the "Certificate Of Registration" had been issued 08/18/2003.1 could track the whole process from the time they received my application to the final step. My registration card came in the mail on 8/22/2003! I have all of the text from my application in PDF format if anyone is interested in looking at it.

A note of interest, my N # is 7868B. At the bottom of the page that listed my results, there was an entry that read that my N # had been issued before, to a DC3 on 04/25/1985. It was canceled 10/10/1991 because it was destroyed.

Ed Note: Thanks for the feedback, Kevin. It gives hope to guys like you who have obtained their kit after several owners.

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