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Q-talk 98 - Checking In

Lyle Ungerecht - Banning, CA - Who know s, some day I may decide to rebuild 684SC and w ill need all the info supplied by Q-Talk. Keep up the good work. I do enjoy reading each issue.

Ted Kibiuk - Holland Patent, NY - Dear QBA - My 132 lir Quickie is at the Utica Children's Museum with a TV tape showing it in flight. The kids are thrilled to be flying a "real airplane" for the 25-minute tape. My age and physical condition has precluded any more flying for me. It was a great project and satisfying to have built and flown the bird. A 12-year-old boy 's dreams come true. To date. I have flown 93 aircraft including B17's. B-52's. B25's. F/A 18(1 time). I am retired from the U.S. Air Force.

Steve Whiteside - Liberty, KS - I like your newsletter. A long time ago I did an analysis of the airflow and interaction between the canard and wing. As I remember at cruise the Angle of Attack (AOA) increase was about 1/2 degree. However, at landing, the canard saw about 1 degree increase in AOA due to the wing and the wing AOA was increased about 3 degrees. The fellow with the 3D software might look at this and check it out. Obviously, the wing airfoil must be forgiving of AOA changes for the Q-Birds. w ith the newsletter. Am very happy that it keeps us all together.

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