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Q-talk 151 - Charlie Takes Flight!

Charlie Takes Back to the Air!

I ran out of things to do today on the preflight check list. It seemed like there was only one item left so I went flying, Dragonfly N-187CD left the ground today for the first time.

The first flight went well with a clearing turn sequence to 7500 MSL east north east of the Ogden airport. I climbed out at 90 mph. The nose was heavy and high. I may want to lower the reflexer a bit to get the tail up.


Charlie's 2900cc Corvair Engine

I flew for about 50 minutes including the taxi out and back to the hanger. I have a new prop 52 X 54 which has increased the rpm but I am still not getting over 2900 rpm.

Charlie Johnson
Dragonfly N-187CD
Ogden, Utah

Charlie's Dragonfly