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The NTSB contacted me recently regarding a Q-2 accident in Zephyrhills, FL in which the aircraft was destroyed and the pilot was injured and burned. I can't locate this aircraft on our roster, so I believe that the builder was not a QBA member. Anyone who might know some of the history of this aircraft should enlighten me.

Anyway, it is thought that the aircraft had not flown for as much as 2 years when a pilot (not the builder) from Georgia applied for and received an FAA ferry permit for one flight to a destination in Georgia. Details of the preparations for the flight aren't available to me, but the aircraft engine stopped on the departure climbout apparently from water in the fuel.

The NTSB investigator noted from a copy of the Q-2 plans that the location of the main tank fuel drain, centered in the tank, did not appear to be the lowest point in the system in the parked, 3-point attitude. He suggest that all pilots be cautioned to LIFT THE TAIL OF THE Q-2/200 TO INSURE THAT ALL STANDING WATER CAN REACH THE AREA OF THE FUEL DRAIN during pre-flight preparations. And I might caution you not to be stupid enough to fly an excessively inactive airplane without draining all fuel and replacing it with fresh fuel. Don't be a penny-pincher with your life and good health.

The investigator was interested to know if we had experienced any recurring problems with this drain location. I have NOT heard this brought up as a recurring service problem. However, QBAers were alerted to the potential by Ron Cross in QUICKTALK 9, pg. 5. Bob Falkiner also commented on the fuel system on that same page so did Jan Bowman in QUICKTALK 19-7. READ YOUR BACK ISSUES.

At least on the Quickie, an additional problem arises in that the placement of the strainer screen calls for a "bead" of micro around the periphery of the screen. This has the effect of a small "dam" which can restrict easy access of standing water to the drain area.

If we must have accidents, let's be damn certain to LEARN FROM THEM!

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