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Q-talk 10 - Odds and Ends

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: A Texas Prescott Pusher builder told me in mid-June that the company is out of the aircraft kit business. Reportedly Prescott sold out to an Australian firm, which has plans of producing the Pusher as a spam can. Don't hold your breath!

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST - SECOND VERSE: Q-2 builder Kim McAndrew copied me on this letter he got on June 13th from Revmaster: Dear Mr. McAndrew: This will acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 19. Revmaster Aviation is in the process of liquidating remaining inventory and is being phased out of business due to the general downward trend in the experimental aviation oriented industry. For this reason, we cannot help you with your request. There are many people looking for used engines and we suggest you advertise it for sale. Sincerely, R. Horvath. (Kim wrote Revmaster requesting a pro-rated refund for his engine when his crankcase cracked after only 165 hrs. Hmmmm..must be a downward trend in the quality workmanship of suppliers too!)

THE NATIONAL AERONAUTIC ASSOCIATION informed QBAer Norm Howell that the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) will award him the Louis Bleriot Medal for his record breaking achievements in his Quickie during 1987. To be awarded in Sydney, Australia on October 9-15, 1988, this medal was created in 1936 to honor the holder of the highest record for speed, altitude and distance in a straight line attained in the previous year by a light aircraft in the first two record classes. Yippeeeeeeee, Norm, let's charter a 747 and go "down under" to watch the show! We're proud of you, Norm!!

SHEEHAN ENGINEERING CORPORATION sent QBAer Phil Kelly an info packet on its products for the 0-200 engines. The company offers: PISTONS - forged; high compression, raising power 8-10%, decreasing fuel consumption 10-12% at the same airspeeds; lighter, reducing reciprocating weight by 2.3 lbs. while being 28% stronger, typically. RINGS - gapless, 3-piece oil control ring which cuts oil consumption in half AT LEAST (caps, mine). PINS - made of tool steel and retained by spirolocks instead of aluminum buttons as are standard. Set of 4 pistons, pins and rings run about $400.

The educational value of these several pages of product literature was worthwhile. Besides, nobody here ever said Sheehan was a dummy when it came to engines. After all, wasn't he the one who brought the Onan to us? Goes to show you!

A DEAL AND A HALF - Mike Dwyer of St. Petersburg, FL had a nifty but unusual looking pair of noise-canceling headsets with electret boom mike in his Q-200 at Sun 'N Fun. He built 'em hisself from readily available parts for about $25. Can you beat that? Mike uses these on long cross-countries and says they are very good. The "HOW TO" and materials list with photos sell for $9.95 from H. L. Fletcher, 1225 Beach Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Looks easy enuff to me.

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