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Q-talk 81 - MATTOON PIX

Here's some of the guys who made it in to the first Mattoon Fly-In. L to R - Larry Koutz, Terry Crouch, Keith Welsh, Jerry Marstall, Unknown Dragonfly guy, Earnest Martin.

Keith Welsh

Terry Crouch

Keith and Terry in a nice close formation fly-by.

Remember the picture games where they hid items and you had to find them in the clutter. Can you find the two Quickies?

Jerry Marstall

Jerry Marstall proves again: "Take the cowling off and they will come."

Jim Doyle

Paul Fisher made it down to Mattoon on Friday, but was unable to return due to the frequent storms in the Illinois area.

Earnest Martin just completed a major overhaul on his O-200. He beefed the engine up a little and seems to be pleased with the new performance.

Sam Hoskins only had to come up from southern Illinois, but the storms prevented him from staying long. After a few hours, it was back in the air for a short ride home.

Larry Koutz

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