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Quickie Builders Association

Back Issues of Quicktalk and Q-talk

Welcome to the QuickTalk and Q-Talk Back Issue Archive. Below is a listing of the Back Issues that are available online. Click on the name to be taken to the first page of that issue. You can access the rest of the articles from links on the first page, or by using the search function above.

To purchase PDF copies of the newsletters in their original format please CLICK HERE.

NOTE: We appreciate your membership support of the Quickie Builders Association.  We currently have ALL ISSUES OF THE QBA NEWSLETTER including the most recent issue posted here in the archive.  (30 years - 1982-2014.)

The Quickie Builders Association (QBA) is an organization of individuals devoted to promoting education and safety in the construction and flight of Quickie-type experimental aircraft among its members. Opinions and ideas expressed in Q-Talk are solely those of the individual writer. Testing by the QBA of any ideas or suggestions printed in Q-Talk is neither stated nor implied. Responsibility for application of any idea or suggestion contained herein is solely that of the experimental aircraft builder.

WARNING: The application of any ideas or suggestions herein to an airplane may cause the builder/pilot personal injury or death.


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